Saturday, October 18, 2008

Protection During the Study

A blogger/acquaintance recently contacted me via email regarding this study and pointed out a very important fact. I want to share this with you, the reader.

Diving into a study of the LDS church, which is not Christian, as you will soon learn (if you don't already know) can be a dangerous endeavor. You must be strong in your walk with Jesus and committed to knowing the truth about the LDS church, not about what they present to the public.

The gentleman made a suggestion that I personally take very frequently and very seriously. However, since I plan to take you down this road with me, I need to share it with you as well.

Cover yourself in prayer. You see, what you are going to be learning about is not of God. The more we know about something that is actually evil, the more we are opening doors for satan to exposes us to other evils. He's gotta' love that we'll be talking so much about something that works for him surprisingly well.

So I beg of you to do as I do when I am talking about/studying the LDS church. Pray and spend time in God's word. Make sure you are spending more time in the Bible than in this information about a false religion. To do otherwise leaves you exposed.

Also, please pray, pray, pray. I honestly believe in evil within the spiritual realm (if you've read the Bible, you do too) and I do not want to do anything that will expose you to that evil in a detrimental way. So please pray for protection: protection for your mind, protection for your heart, protection for your physical body, protection for your family, and protection for your home. I have found that when I start moving closer to my God (including loading up with ammunition against the enemy), satan starts to pay more attention to what I'm doing and try to distract me. He will do the same to you, I'm sure.

I know, however, that God is bigger and more powerful than anything the enemy can send. I trust in Him to protect me and fight for me. However, I do ask Him to do so because of the severity of the reality.

I ask you to pray and read the Bible more only because I am concerned for you and it would not be fair to take you down this road with me without warning you of the possible dangers.

Now, bathe yourself and your loved ones in prayer before each session. Ask God to show you lies for what they are and truths for what they are. Pray a hedge of protection around yourself...and if you so choose now...let's continue.

Study on the LDS Church - 1.1 Perspective

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Anonymous said...

thank you for directing the reader TO GOD in the middle of a struggle of this magnitude... focus on TRUTH and GOD are essential. thank you!