Monday, January 5, 2009

Study of the LDS Church - 6.6 Contradictions Within LDS Scripture/Doctrine

Okay, so I’m not trying to be lazy for the next few upcoming parts of this series. However, the fact is that I’ve already done all of the typing and preparing and I’m simply just going to link you to my work so that you have a printable resource (that’s why I typed it for myself to begin with).

Today’s topic will touch on the inconsistency of the LDS teachings and scriptures. You have likely noticed in several of the previous parts of this series that I have pointed out that there are many teachings (such as God was a man, endowment ceremony, hierarchies within the structure of the church) that are not scriptural…even within the LDS canon. They are teachings that are deemed holy but are not found in any of the holy books of the Mormon faith. In addition, there are several contradictions from one teaching to another across the lines of the faith.

Before clicking over to the link I am providing you now, please finish reading this part of the study and click over at the end. The document you will see when you click over is a collection of teachings from the LDS church (with cited sources) that will contradict other teachings within the church or its scriptures. All of the sources in blue support one side of each argument and the red sources support the opposing viewpoint. One time I have highlighted a Biblical scripture in green that shows the Biblical source that states its argument and supports that the two opposing statements can not be equalized. You will notice that often some of the arguments do come from the Bible, and you must keep in mind that the Mormons do hold the Bible as one of their holy books.

Okay, so enough rambling from me…click on over and check out how the LDS church has disagreed with itself throughout its history.

Study of the LDS Church - 6.7 Change to the Book of Mormon

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