Monday, January 12, 2009

Study of the LDS Church - 6.9 Plagiarisms from the KJV

Joseph Smith, like many people in the 19th century, was familiar with the Bible--the King James Version. In fact, he was so familiar with it that scripture from it found its way directly into the Book of Mormon.

Some LDS members will tell you that since the two books were inspired by the same God that there would be some repetition. I agree that would be true. I also will state here that I am not referring to instances where a character in the Book of Mormon is quoting a Biblical character and/or prophet. These are instances of completely different situations using something that no English teacher would let pass for anything other than plagiarism.

Go have a look for yourself.

Study of the LDS Church - 6.10 Peculiarities from the Book of Mormon

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