Friday, August 29, 2008

Real Life - Girlfriends

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So here is my contribution and thought of the week: I miss having good Christian girlfriends. Before we moved here I was surrounded by an awesome group of ladies from church. Although we didn't hang out as much as some friends, I had no doubts that I could have called SEVERAL people and ask for prayer and they were on it!

We've been living in Savannah for just over a year now and although I have a few good friends from work, I can't say that they are something that I can look to for spiritual guidance...not even someone that I could ask to pray for me.

The church we go to is a mega-church. I love the church and the opportunities. However, one problem with a church with over 5000 members is that it is harder to get close to people easily. At previous churches, you always run into the same people at the same places and times. Here, not so much. I don't know that I've sat near the same people twice in the (almost) year that we've attended. We did attend some small group meetings and although those people were awesome people who welcomed up with open arms, I didn't feel the bond with them that I am seeking. Perfectly warm people, but no connection.

So tonight I attended the kick-off for our women's ministries for the upcoming year. I did three things that I feel good about--1.) Signed up for a weekly women's Bible study; 2.) Signed up for a G (Girlfriends) Group for a game night once a month; and 3.) found a bond with another lady of similar age and status who needed a friend. We exchange nubmers and emails, so I'm hoping that we can find some female companionship.

I love Chip dearly and value having a good Christian husband, but there is something special and different in having a same-sex spiritual friend to whom you can run.

My prayer is that I can find a good support group of ladies to whom I can both lean on and provide strength for.

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Pastor_Jeff said...

Well, I don't need a Christian girlfriend, but I sure agree with the idea of the post :)

Thanks for the comment at Conblogeration and the link here.

And having been in both large and small churches, I think that finding real community can be a challenge in both. We all need people to encourage, support, love, and hold us accountable. God bless you as you seek Him in community.