Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Bloggable Music Network is Coming!

My bloggy friend Kat has experience an epiphany of sorts. She often blogs about music that she loves, recommends, and/or is touched by over at The Secret Life of Kat on Music Mondays. I always enjoy visiting her site, especially on Mondays to see what she is going to present us with for the week.

You see, I am was once a musician. Let me rephrase that, I am still a musician at heart, but just not one that gets to practice my art much anymore. It is something that saddens me, as it was once a major part of my life and now has fallen to the side in lieu of more important things (like my family). It's definitely worth the sacrifice, but something that I do still miss from time to time. However, my heart is still moved by music. I don't mean that I simply enjoy tapping my foot along to a good beat, I mean that music can touch me in ways that other expressions of emotion cannot.

Music in a God-filled setting can be so much more than a good message set to a catchy tune to my soul. It reaches deep inside me and lets emotions flow that are otherwise confined to their "regular" dwelling places. I can actually feel my spirit moving closer to my Heavenly Father. I can feel myself truly leaving behind all that I am and simply basking in the glory that is Him alone. I feel uplifted, overwhelmed, awed, loved, and humbled all simultaneously. It is an incredible experience that happens any time that a song particularly speaks what my soul is screaming.

So I will be joining Kat as part of the Bloggable Music Network and you can too. Follow this link over to her post and decide if you want to participate. I am so very excited! In fact, I am going to deem Tuesdays my music days, naming it Tuesday Tunes (catchy, isn't it?). This will either feature whatever is going on with the BMN or just whatever music I am loving at the moment.

So stop reading now and go visit Kat and see what great things she has in store for us all!

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thesecretlifeofkat said...

Thanks for the shout out Kaye!!