Friday, October 17, 2008

Real Life - Blah

I have been in a funk lately. I know...I'm supposed to find contentment in everything. I'm not totally depressed or anything. I do find joy in life and when I think of it, I can count more blessings that I deserve. However, it is sometimes hard to remember to count those blessings.

I am currently unhappy at work. I just really don't feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I don't really know how to describe it. I don't hate it. The people are great. The hours are fine (usually). The job pays well. However, it is just proof that true joy does not come in any of those things. Even on days when I get a lot done and feel very productive, I do not feel like I am being productive in anything that really matters at the end of the day.

I have no idea what I would do if it were not being an engineer. It is all I have ever known. It has worked for me. Without any bragging in my voice, I can say that most days, I am very good at my job. I just don't feel fulfilled at it.

So...I'm asking you to pray along with me for God to either show me His purpose here at my current job or show me an open door for what He wants me to be doing instead. I trust Him to pick whatever is best for me. I just don't hear any answers at the moment.

Do you have any prayer requests? Blog about them and leave a link here or request them in the comments. We all want to pray along with you and there is power in the prayer of the saints.


Bill CAsh said...

I know exactly what your feeling, check out The Splinter in your Mind

I'm finding that the discontentment comes from my focus being off. What I involve myself in something larger then me, something that counts the discontentment goes away. I’m learning that , in my case, the “splinter” is my spirit longing to be connected. Not just attending, not just involved, CONNECTED.

On another note. Please drop me an email as . I would like to chat with you a little about your study into the LDS.

Sheila Hill said...

just checking in on you. I think about you often and i miss "chatting" with you via internet. i saw your prayer request and will pray for you. i hope all else is well. i have to confess that my "time away" from blogging has been so GREAT!!! I finally realize how much time i was on the computer.