Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Study of the LDS Church to Begin...

Okay, so due to a consistency in the results of the survey that I've already received I'm going to go ahead and start the study. I still plan to leave the survey up until the end of October just so I can gather the information about my audience and gauge if I am covering the correct information.

The study will begin on Wednesday, October 15th. Posts will be scheduled for release every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of the week until we're all done. There will be exceptions around the holidays, but don't worry...I'll let you know as that arises.

The days in between the study will be left open for discussion regarding the posts from any previous day. And Friday will be my usual Real Life of a Christian, which I still encourage you to participate in.

So, beginning tomorrow, the 15th, I will start posting the beginnings of the study. I will warn you that the birth of it will be slightly mundane, as some information much be shared before we get to the "good stuff." Hang with me though...it could get really interesting and I guarantee it will be informative for you!

Also, please note that I have added the Table of Contents to the left margin. Don't let the sheer length of it scare you away...there is seriously a LOT to cover and I'm trying not to drown you with information in any one post. As those posts are published, I will turn each title into a link to that post for easy reference.

Look forward to seeing you around!

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Lance said...

I've found that anything that does not exalt Christ is not of God. God bless.