Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Help for My Friends

Several people I know are having some particularly difficult times right now. Please pray for them.

Keri is a bloggy friend of mine. She and I share an Alma mater, which is how I found her blog. Her brother has just had a terribly improbable accident which needs our prayer. He is recovering, but I am truly flabbergasted that this could even happen! Please extend your prayers to him and her.

MyKidsMom and I have also become really good bloggy friends. Strange how you can feel a connection with someone that you have never met and who happens to live on the complete opposite corner of the U.S. But it happens. She's been fighting a tooth battle that needs healing.

A former coworker of mine just found out that his wife has a brain tumor. They don't know a lot about it yet. She'd been having headaches lately and yesterday when he got home from work she didn't know who he was. Then did scans and such and found a mass. That's all of the update that I have, but I am seriously praying for them. They have a 4 year old daughter, a 2 year old son and they are both younger than 30.

Heather also writes for a blog that I follow as well as maintaining her personal blog. She had a huge scare with her daughter this previous weekend and she's still shaken by it. Pray for her and her family.

A major employer here in laying off 1200 jobs in the near future. Many of those are contract workers, but about half are full-time employees. I have several neighbors, friends, and acquaintances that work there. They are understandably concerned.

My sister, who has Parkinson's, has started a new medication. It's supposed to treat an anxiety disorder that often comes with the disease. I can honestly (yet not judgmentally) say that she needs this type of meds. When I last spoke with her, she actually sounded a bit dingy, so the meds have obviously begun working. Pray that not only will these medicines help her deal with her symptoms, but that ways can be found to eliminate many of the symptoms altogether! that's my list for now. I know you don't know these people, but please think of them during your prayer time and send up some special requests on their behalf.

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Sheila Hill said...

I am asking for prayer as I prepare to speak at a womens retreat for the first time next weekend (april 3-4). I know that I can count on you for prayer! Please pray for courage and for God to ease the anxiousness. Thanks so much!