Monday, November 2, 2009

Too Big for Our Britches

We are quite arrogant, aren't we?

How many times have I said, "no" to the Creator of the Universe? How many times have I ignored Him or put Him off or tried to wriggle my way out of something He wanted me to do?

He gave us the free will to do what we choose, and too often we choose to tell Him, "No."

How is it that the Voice that spoke creation into existance can have such a minute impact on our lives? His very voice put the planets in orbit. His voice placed every one of the billions of stars in the sky. His voice created the delicate ecosystem we reside in. His voice created all of the intricate biological functions that make us function as the superior earthly beings. And we tell Him, "No."

I think we are a bunch of arrogant fools sometimes...too often, really.

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