Thursday, September 11, 2008

How Can I Narrow It Down to Five?!

Today I am following the lead of Sheila at The Faithful Follower and counting five blessings that I did not count last week!

1.) A new hunger for His Word: With a new Bible study in tow as well as a new project at hand, I have really been immersed in the Bible over the last week. In fact, I have gotten little work done (shhh...I know that's bad, but I cannot help myself!) and I have been staying up far too late in order to really find out some information.

2.) The purity of heart of a child: Sometimes it takes a child to put you in your place. No wonder Jesus rebuked the disciples for trying to keep away the children!

3.) Trustworthy neighbors: Next door to us is a great father and son pair of guys. They are great with Patrick, trustworthy enough to pick up our mail, and friendly enough to loan hamburger buns (yeah...that happened this week, so it's not just out of the blue).

4.) A church on fire for God: We had an incredible weekend at church. It was our service ministries expo where each ministry that needed volunteers had a booth set up for people to sign up. It's amazing what the people of God can do. And if you get a chance (like say, 40 minutes), watch this past weekend's sermon. It's hard to walk away from that one not feeling convicted!

5.) Extended summer: Yes, I complain about the heat of Georgia summers, but it really is worth it to get to the fall of the year. That's right...when summer hangs on just a little while (okay, two months) longer at the temperature/conditions that it should have been all summer. I love the options of still being able to go to the pool or the park without a coat, or just letting Patrick play outside. God's creation is glorious, isn't it?

Consider all the Lord has done for you and write about it! Then go over to The Faithful Follower and let everyone else rejoice with you!


Sheila Hill said...

Ok now. You are killing me with this "secret project!" I want to know all about it!!! When are you going to tell????

Kaye said...'s not like some mad scientist in a lab type thing. LOL. =) I don't mean for it to sound like an experiment or it is a very personal experience.

I touch on it (you know it will actually be lengthy...I can't actually just touch on anything) tomorrow during my Real Life of a Christian post.