Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Weather...

So it seems that Gustav was not nearly as bad as expected, although I hate to say that knowing that there are a lot of people who did receive the brunt of that storm.

What now? Hanna is headed for our house. Hopefully not specifically our house, but she is definitely headed this way. Although the reports show it hitting more of the Charleston area rather than Savannah currently, there is no certainty with the weather patterns and we'll still be affected even if it hits Charleston (although that does put us on the "good" side of the storm.

We'll be watching it carefully and evacuating if need be. In fact, Chip plans to go get plywood for the back of our house (which faces east) tomorrow. Even if Hanna misses us, there is a possibility that Ike is right behind her.

So, right now I ask you to pray for a few things...
  1. Firstly, pray for those currently undergoing the storms. Those poor residents of the Caribbean have just encountered Fay, Gustav, Hanna and now Ike is headed toward them. Although only one of our coastlines is affected by each (usually), they take hard hits with each!
  2. Secondly, pray for those recovering from Gustav. Although it wasn't the massive monster that it could have been, there are people still in need of help due to the damage that was inflicted.
  3. Next, pray for whoever these next hurricanes hit. I will be glad if it is not us, but I know that it will hit SOMEBODY.
  4. Lastly, pray for all of us in the possible paths of all of these storms that we will have peace and comfort in our Lord, knowing that God is in control of all of this crazy weather.

Soon I hope to be back to our regularly scheduled posting (was it ever regular?), but until these storms pass, it may be sporadic!


MyKidsMom said...

I am embarrassed to admit being minus TV sometimes equals ignorance; I get most of my info from online, and they seem to be only talking of Gustav. I will stop right now to pray for you, and will continue to do so. Take care friend.

Kaye said...

Thank you so much. We'll take all the prayers we can get. I'll do what I can to keep in touch, all.