Friday, September 26, 2008

Real Life - A Muddled Mind

Today the prayer request I am presenting to you is a simple one...relief from a muddled mind.

I know that we all suffer from this from time to time, and I am currently going through one of those seasons. I am swamped from multiple directions but at the same time, still don't feel like I have time for everything. I am trying to prioritize, but I still feel bad about those things that are left undone.

I know that I can't be everything to everyone, but I am struggling to be something to those who DO matter. Between trying to manage a household, work full time, take care of my spiritual life, and spend time with my family, I have other items right now that are bogging me down. There's a birthday party to organize, photography session to be had, Mormons to be ministered to, and all this while trying to make sure we have meals planned, clean clothes, a clean house, and the mundane things of life.

Don't get me wrong...I have a WONDERFUL husband who is more than willing to help when he can. He is a gold-medal winning vacuummer (is that a word?), washes the cars, pays the bills, helps A LOT with Patrick, cooks meals when there is no time for me to do it, and is taking care of getting storm doors for the house. Regardless of everything he is doing, I still feel completely overwhelmed.

Please pray for a sense of peace in my life. I am working on priorities, I am letting the little things slide, I am making sure I have some "me" time (I am loving some library books that I recently got) and I still feel weighted down! I need Him to be my Prince of Peace right now.

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