Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Update

Last night was the second night of visits from Mormon missionaries. They came the first time last Wednesday and then again last night.

I will start by admitting that I didn't nearly bathe the event in prayer as much as the first encounter. I realized that God was with me during the first encounter and truly speaking through me. Why I didn't pray as much about it, I don't know. Was it my own pride? Was it just trust that God would be with me as He had been? Either way, the preparation was not the same and as the time got nearer for them to arrive, I began to get nervous about that. Not about their visit, but about the fact that I had not treated it as cautiously as the first. I confessed this to God and asked that despite my utter failure to bring it to Him faithfully, if He would please just be with us, protect us, and guide us.

Once last night was over, I didn't feel the "high" that I had felt on the previous visit. The previous visit showed obvious signs (to me) that God had spoken through me and hit some nerves. This time I didn't have that "accomplished" feeling. I had rather a stale feeling. I felt guilty that I had not my part to uphold my end of the witness. Although I tried, I was quite concerned that the right words or sentiments had not come out of my mouth. I had done too much work and not let God do enough.

This morning when I spoke with my co-worker who brought them, I was shocked. They were left speechless regarding some of the issues that we covered. Mainly over the fact that the Book of Mormon has had numerous (seriously...almost 4000) changes over the last 170 years. They stated that many of those were punctuation type things, which is true, but they were completely unaware of some of the major doctrinal changes from the original text. The last question they left me with was if I thought Joseph Smith was a liar. Unfortunately, although I answered that I did, there was no time to defend that because of the time that they had to go home. On the ride home, it was obvious to my co-worker that they were completely unaware of the doctrinal changes to their holy book.

So I have requested at least one more visit with them so that I can show them these changes. I don't want to force anything on them, as the decision is theirs to make. However, I want them to make an educated decision. They are VERY educated in the things that their church has told them, but completely ignorant of the more questionable workings of their church. I think that if they are going to be defending this faith, they need to be aware of what they are defending. And if they decide not to defend it any more, then one more for the Home Team. =)

Once again, I promise that I plan to do a large review of all of the information I have learned during my quest for info about the Mormon faith. This is huge information that anyone who has a Mormon knocking on their door needs to be aware of. I've just got to find the time to really put it all down together, and now my time needs to be spent soaking myself in the Word as well as preparing information for the guys that I'm currently speaking to.

Keep praying for me, please!

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Sheila Hill said...

I wanted to tell you myself before you read my blog, but I am taking a "time out" from blogging for a while. It has taken more time than I imagined and my family is suffering because my time is stretched to the limit. I will still be checking in every now and then and will still be checking out your blogs when I can! So please email me and keep me up to date! And I still want to meet up one day in Savannah! Talk to you soon!