Friday, September 19, 2008

Real Life - More of Him and Less of Me

So last week, my request was for you prayer warriors out there to lift up my friend in prayer regarding his search for the truth. The story continues in this Real Life of a Christian situation...

The visit with my friend and his Mormon missionary buddies happened. I hope to be able to give a lot of detail later, but right now, more prayer is needed.

The conversation with them went well. As I mentioned, there will be more details given later, but for now, suffice it to say that God was speaking. Through me. Literally. There was even one thing in particular that I said that I had never thought about until the words had already left my mouth. I know, many people (including me sometimes) do that frequently, but I had vowed not to open my mouth unless it was the Holy Spirit speaking and not me. I prepared a lot of information and background research about both my faith and theirs for this meeting. And words simply fell out of my mouth that I did not know were in there. And it was good--just like all of His creation.

There were several points where I left them unable to answer...and several others that left them answering, but with an explanation that I made obvious did not stand up to my faith and did not bear the strength of my God.

We talked for about 1-1/2 hours. We barely skimmed the surface.

They are coming back this Monday. I still need your prayers.

Not only is my friend on a search for faith (although Praise God, he seems to be coming around to an understanding of what I have been trying to tell him). It seems that one of the missionaries MIGHT be questioning his faith. He cannot come out and say so much, but he has left little notes and indications to my friend that something is amiss. He tried to defend his faith to me, as he feels he is called to do on his mission, but he was quite quiet through much of the discussion and thoughtful. He informed my friend that I used a LOT of supporting scripture for my arguments (ummm...yeah). He told my friend that I was intriguing and that God lived in our house.

So, here is my request.
  • God will keep my mouth closed until His words come out
  • God will protect the hearts and minds of those in our house and our home as well (no, the Mormons aren't dangerous, but I believe in spiritual warfare)
  • My friend will see truth in what I am saying
  • The Mormon missionary will be opened up to the real truth of God
  • More of Him and less of me.
Thank you all for your support.

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