Friday, January 29, 2010

Spiritual Gifts - The Quiz

You probably already have yourself, or your spouse, or your best friend (or all of the above) pegged. You want to verify that or just figure it out?

I have put together a quiz to help you determine just that.

It is a 37 question quiz. I apologize for the first two. They have nothing to do with the rest of the quiz, but were a requirement from the site that helped me created the quiz.

Word of warning that I must heed myself when taking the test:

Please don’t answer how you think you should or how you wish you could. It’s not about your shortcomings in any of these areas, as we all have them. Honestly answer the questions as they describe you at this moment in your walk with God. Otherwise you just won’t get a clear depiction of who you are or who God is working you out to be!

Just for fun, when you are done, come back here and post a comment with your results. I think it will be fun to see how everyone is different and how we all can be used together as the body of Christ.

Okay…click here to quiz!

*This quiz was taken from Lifeway resources here.

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