Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Choices Were Influenced by WHO?!

Take a moment. Think of your 3-5 closest friends from high school.

Where are they now?

Do you even know where they are living or anything about them?

Do you talk to them now once a week or more? I am not talking about just surface level "my dog just ate my remote" on Facebook. I'm talking about real conversations. Are they still your friend or are they more of an acquaintance?

You see, those people who were once so very important to us and who so strongly influenced what we did, who we thought we were, or what we believed are typically no longer in the picture.

Isn't it strange how me make choices as a teenager that can forever alter our lives, and those choices are influenced by people who will not be around to see us live with those consequences.

Kinda' makes you wonder why you listened to them. I wish we could convince today's teenagers of this.

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