Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Content and Still Relevant

It's obvious that this blog has been dormant for a while now.  And it will remain that way until I am once again inspired to write on here.

But I didn't want you to take that for the death of this blog. No, I feel that much of the content of this blog, especially the content about the falsehood of the LDS church is as relevant today as it was when I was writing it.  I want to leave it here for others to find.  I still get messages when comments are made, so I want to be able to respond to those with questions.  I want those who are seeking and/or questioning to have somewhere to come where they are welcome to read and decide for themselves. There is sufficient evidence here to realize what the Mormon church is and is not. I don't want to lose that by removing this blog.

And there are other topics that were inspired to be written. I want that information available as well.

So the blog stays.

And I'm not saying that I won't be back to write. It's just that the season of this blog has temporarily passed. When it returns, this blog will be here for me to write again!

Until then, please read all you'd like. Ask questions...even argue if you'd like.  I will still be here to respond. But for now, I am content to let this blog just exist.

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